Beautiful friendship phrases to copy and paste

In this space you will find very nice phrases of friendship to copy and paste, to dedicate to true friends, but also to false friends, some with decorations, symbols, pretty letters.

Short friendship phrases

If you like to say a lot but with few words, in this part we find some examples of very nice phrases to dedicate to your best friends through social networks such as instagram, facebook, twitter and others.

♥ "True friendship is bloodless kinship."

♥ "The fun of the road is chasing with friends."

♥ "Friendship is a treasure that acquires value over time."

♥ "Friendship is giving a friend the best you have."

♥ "A friend is what the heart needs all the time."

♥ "Value every moment I lived with you, it was incredible."

✧ A friend is
✧ what the heart
✧ needs all
✧ the time.

♥ "A true friend is the one who enters when the rest leave"

♥ "Friendship is a treasure that we must take great care of."

♥ "Real friends don't get mad over nonsense."

♥ "It is possible that a good friendship is better than a love."

♥ "A good friend is someone you can think out loud with."

♥ "You know that no matter how many flaws you have, I will be there with you."

✧ Real friends
✧ don't get mad
✧ over nonsense.

♥ "A shadow that accompanies you all your life is friendship."

♥ "Love can harm you, friendship never."

♥ "A true friend is one who steals your time."

♥ "Like money, a friend is known before by the value of her."

♥ "A friend will not show you their sorrows until you lend them your hand."

♥ "What will make a friendship eternal is certainty and not love."

✧ A true friend
✧ is one who
✧ steals your
✧ time.

Friendship phrases for a friend

For that special friend in whom you trust your secrets, for that friend who is always by your side despite knowing your flaws, in this part we share beautiful phrases to dedicate, let's see the examples.

♥ "Every moment with you is incredible, happy friendship day."

♥ "Who goes after you only in the hours of Sun, is not a true friend."

♥ "When you have a good friend, you feel like an oasis in the middle of the desert."

♥ "There is nothing on this earth more precious than true friendship."

♥ "The only way to have a true friend is to be one."

♥ "Today I want to wish the best to my best friend, I am happy with you."

♥ "True friendship is like health: it is not valued until it is lost."

♥ "We lived through so many things together, so many sorrows, joys, together with you, all of that was incredible."

♥ "I can't find the words to tell you how much I appreciate you being my friend."

♥ "A true friend is someone who is there for you when she could be somewhere else."

♥ "A single rose can be my garden. A single friend, my world."

♥ "My dear friend, I would not change you for anything."

♥ "My dear friend, those beautiful moments we spent together are always present in my heart."

♥ "Remember that a gesture of friendship, no matter how small, is always appreciated."

♥ "Living without friends is not living."

♥ "I need someone who comes to fight by my side without being called."

♥ "A friend is one who gives you the freedom to be yourself."

♥ "Our friendship doesn't depend on things like space and time"

True friendship phrases

A true friend is the one who is by your side despite everything, the one who does not care about your flaws and accepts you as you are, the one who gives you good advice so that you react and move on, for that friendship true in this space we have several beautiful phrases that you can copy and send to that loved one.

♥ "It is possible that a good friendship is better than a love."

♥ "A brother doesn't have to be a friend, but a good friend will always be a brother."

♥ "In friendship, joys are twice as happy, and sorrows half as sad."

♥ "Friendship can be very positive and enriching, but as long as it is free from submission and judgment."

♥ "Friendship and contact between people of different types is beneficial and fruitful. We should all seek the company of people who belonged to another type during our free time."

♥ "Not even the greatest of successes can be compared to the happiness of having a good friend."

⊱━━━━━━ 《 ✮ 》 ━━━━━━⊰
✧ A true friend
✧ is the one you
✧ accept with
✧ all your flaws.
⊱━━━━━━ 《 ✮ 》 ━━━━━━⊰

♥ "Real friends take 'no' for an answer."

♥ "You know that no matter how many flaws you have, I will be there with you."

♥ "If you are looking for a perfect friend, you will never find friendship."

♥ "Real friends don't get mad over nonsense."

♥ "A good friend is someone you can think out loud with."

♥ "Friends will always tell you the truth to your face, enemies will tell you, but behind your back."

✧ A good friend
✧ is with you
✧ through thick
✧ and thin.

♥ "Do not use friendship to kill time, but to live the best moments of your life."

♥ "When you have a friend, decide well if she is sincere, since that person will accompany you all your life."

♥ "Friendship is like blood itself, that when you have a wound it appears."

♥ "Friendship is a constant, because it does not depend on time or adversity."

♥ "You may feel that you have hit rock bottom, or that you have lost everything, but by your side you will always have a friend to help."

♥ "Finding a friend is like looking for a good book, there are many, but finding the one you are passionate about is very difficult."

✧ A sincere friendship
✧ is a precious
✧ treasure that we
✧ must take care of.

False friendship phrases

This sector is for those friends who claim to be true but in reality they are not, who are actually false friends who came into our lives. We will see some examples of messages that you can dedicate through the networks.

♥ "Your envy was disguised with a smile."

♥ "Thank you for all those moments lived, but today everything ends."

♥ "The lie is the best ally of false friends."

♥ "I want to tell you that my friendship was sincere but it seems that you did not value it."

♥ "I'm not mad at you, just disappointed in you."

♥ "I'm disappointed in what you did, but you're even more disappointing as a friend."

♥ "I discovered that being away from you is better than having you close."

♥ "Don't ask me to forgive you, our friendship is over."

♥ "Never sacrifice anything of yourself for those false friends."

♥ "Our friendship was beautiful while it lasted."

♥ "Sometimes we protect those who hurt us the most."

♥ "The moments we lived were beautiful, it's a pity that your friendship was not sincere."

♥ "What a disappointment to know the kind of person you are."

♥ "Thank you for your company, but I would have liked your friendship to be sincere."

♥ "I thought we would be friends forever. How delusional I was."

♥ "I do not regret having met you, with you I learned many things, but we must move away."

♥ "The closest friends are the ones that life separates the most."

♥ "A friend is in the good and the bad, but you didn't do that."

Pretty friendship phrases

♥ "My great friend, you are the best so every day I choose you again."

♥ "A faithful and sincere friend is what I always wanted to have."

♥ "Thank you friend for giving me your affection, friendship and love without measure."

♥ "Your friendship is the best treasure I could find."

♥ "Money and material things are useless if you don't have a good friend to enjoy them with."

♥ "I value your friendship because it is sincere and true."

✧ Since we are
✧ friends, my joys
✧ have multiplied
✧ and my sorrows
✧ have been divided.

♥ "Life offers you good friends, but to get them you must first be a good friend."

♥ "What a joy to have a friend as beautiful as you."

♥ "The first true friendship you get in the world is your mom's."

♥ "Meeting you is one of the best things that happened in my life."

♥ "If you feel that your heart is cold, nothing better than warming it up with a good hug from your best friend."

♥ "The craziest and funniest moments were spent with my best friend."

✧ Dear friend,
✧ thank you for
✧ always being
✧ willing to heal
✧ my soul with
✧ your hugs.

♥ "Thank you friend for loving me at all times but especially in the bad ones."

♥ "Life gave me the opportunity to meet you and today you are my best friend, I am very grateful."

♥ "Thank you dear friend for loving me for who I am."

♥ "Best friends are with me through thick and thin."

♥ "Keeping friends is a true virtue."

♥ "Tolerance and forgiveness are necessary qualities to be able to achieve and maintain lifelong friendships."

━━━━━━ ✿ ✦ ✿ ━━━━━━
✧ Thank you friend
✧ for always making
✧ me smile and
✧ sharing with me
✧ my moments of joy.
━━━━━━ ✿ ✦ ✿ ━━━━━━

Phrases of friendship at a distance

♥ "The wonderful thing about our friendship is that we always stay together, our ties will not be broken and that is for sure. I love you very much!"

♥ "Our Maistad is so strong that it crosses all barriers, including time and distance."

♥ "Just like when I send my best friend who is in another country an image and I wish with all my soul that it comes true, well, like that."

♥ "My dear friend, I would not change you for anything, I miss you very much."

♥ "For a true and pure friendship, distance does not exist because there is no barrier or separation to disintegrate a perfect union."

♥ "My dear friend in my heart you are always present despite the distance."

» ————— ❲ ✧ ❳ ————— «
✧ The distance does
✧ not prevent a
✧ sincere and true
✧ friendship from
✧ being cultivated.
» ————— ❲ ✧ ❳ ————— «

♥ "Kilometers? What is that? Oh no! Excuse me, in the world of friendship there is no such strange and difficult word to pronounce."

♥ "My friend I need to meet you again, despite the distance I always value your friendship."

♥ "I know that you will step on other lands, but keep in mind that your face will live in my memory, your words in my heart and all your personality in my soul, because with you you take God's blessing."

♥ "I love you so much my friend, I hope you are very well wherever you are."

♥ "It no longer matters where you are, what matters is that our friendship is forever."

♥ "No matter how far away you are, our friendship will last forever."

✧ Strength becomes
✧ firmer if we sow
✧ honest friendship
✧ in our hearts.

♥ "Having friends does not imply having a lot of people around you but only the right people in the most complicated moments, without restriction, and even if they are far away, they give you all their love."

♥ "Even though you are far away, as long as you are always with me because our friendship is true."

♥ "You travel the world to help other people, and whether you are near or far, my friendship trusts you."

♥ "Beautiful friendship comparison, dedicate it to all your friendships that you miss right now."

♥ "I miss being by your side, sharing fun and crazy moments with you, they are things that are not forgotten."

♥ "For me you are no longer miles away from me, rather I feel you closer when you appear in my dreams to tell me how you are doing."

✧ Our friendship is
✧ so unique and true
✧ that not even
✧ distance will
✧ fight our union.

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